Sandblasted glass, perfromance, wood, video installation

Performed during the opening of Apophenia at Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, November 2016

Art challenges our usual ways of thinking by crating out-of-the-ordinary situations. In my work, I want the audience to become a partner and aware of its active role towards the artwork.
The Space Between Us–My Warm Breath on Your Hands relies on a simple sandblasted glass sheet used as a barrier between the audience holding it and the performer licking it. This performance cannot happen without the audience, who is free to make the decision to take part in it. But once they engage, they have a responsibility to the performer. The action challenges the usual inter-personal space we maintain and the behaviours we have towards others and how an art context leads us to experience and accept to encounter what we usually would not; therefore leading us to reconsider the usual.
In the absence of the performer, the glass is affixed to a stand with a projection of previous performers interacting with the glass, waiting to be activated again.

Work realized in collaboration with Inge van Genuchten, Nadja van der Weide, and Elze Vermaas.

Exhibition curator: Mariana Lanari
Photo credit: Luuk Geertsen

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